ZÖNOTÉKA was founded in June 2014 and functions as a symbiotic project and production space for innovative encounters.

Its name derived from the biological term ‘coenosis’, ZÖNOTÉKA can be defined as an independent, multifaceted venue for diverse activities. Focused on an interdisciplinary understanding of art, ZÖNOTÉKA’s collaborative programs endeavor to creatively address scientific issues as well as to foster an inventive microcommunity by offering individual working places. ZÖNOTÉKA works on a nonprofit basis and relies on the enthusiasm of the people involved.

ZÖNOTÉKA is located in the heart of Neukölln Berlin, and is part of the Hobrecht54 atelier community that hosts established artists as well as the Upcycling and Infinite Forms furniture-transforming workrooms. It is also home to RE↗FORMA, a programming and production platform for emerging artists and curators. 

The three main areas of ZÖNOTÉKA are the Gallery, the Workshop site, and the Studio. While each serves their own purposes, they operate closely together.

Hobrechtstraße 54, 12047  Berlin